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Ultra Kaiju Humanization Project feat.POP Comic code
ウルトラ怪獣擬人化計画 feat.POP Comic code

Ultra Kaiju Humanization Project POP Manga 1.jpg
Volume 1

Ultra Kaiju Humanization Project POP Manga 2.jpg
Volume 2

Ultra Kaiju Humanization Project POP Manga 3.jpg
Volume 3

Ultra Kaiju Humanization Project POP Manga 4.jpg
Volume 4

Ultra Kaiju Humanization Project POP Manga 5.jpg
Volume 5

Ultra Kaiju Humanization Project POP Manga 6.jpg
Volume 6

Volume 7

Genre Gag/adventure
Written by Shun Kazama
Illustrated by Shun Kazama
Published by x (Japanese)
Seven Seas Entertainment (English)
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Young Champion
Original run January 27, 2015 - January 14, 2020
Volumes 6
When evil aliens arrive on Earth, seeking its destruction, it's up to the planet’s kaiju monsters to save the day! But things aren’t exactly as you’d expect… These kaiju may be adorable young woman, but they’re no less ready to kick some alien butt!

—official synopsis

Ultra Kaiju Humanization Project feat.POP Comic code (ウルトラ怪獣擬人化計画 feat.POP Comic code) is a gag manga drawn by Shun Kazama (風上旬), released in Young Champion magazine. It is officially translated by Seven Seas Entertainment and can be found here.

The manga uses the POP designs instead of the more well known ASCII Media Works design.

The manga is set in its own separate continuity, unrelated to the Kaiju Girls anime and even the POP designs' guest appearances in Haitai Nanafa.


After an inconclusive battle against his arch-enemy Ultraman, Alien Mefilas awakens in the Kaiju Graveyard as…a high school girl?! In this new body, Mefilas will face new battles, along with Eleking, Red King, and other kaiju reborn as cute school girls. Together, can they conquer the world?



English ISBN English release date Japanese ISBN Japanese release date

Volume 1

978-1-626927-48-3 28 August, 2018 978-4253141161 20 January, 2016

Volume 2

978-1-626928-09-1 31 December, 2018 978-4253141178 19 August, 2016

Volume 3

978-1-626929-23-4 13 August, 2019 978-4253141185 20 April, 2017

Volume 4

978-1-64275-751-4 25 February, 2020 978-4253141192 20 December, 2017

Volume 5

TBA TBA 978-4253141208 20 August, 2018

Volume 6

TBA TBA 978-4253141215 20 June, 2019

Volume 7

TBA TBA 978-4253141222 19 March, 2020


Comic code feat. POP Characters
Kaiju Girls Alien Mefilas  •  Alien Metron  •  Red King  •  Eleking  •  Yapool  •  Alien Temperor  •  Jamilar  •  Zetton  •  Antlar  •  Alien Godola  •  Vakishim  •  Gomora  •  Alien Icarus  •  Alien Baltan  •  Snowgon  •  Salamandra  •  Kemur  •  Pigmon  •  Twin Tail  •  Ace Killer  •  Geronimon  •  Bemstar  •  King Joe
Kaiju silhouettes only Alien Pegassa  •  Alien Babarue  •  Mochiron  •  Muruchi  •  Doragory  •  Astron  •  Agira  •  Alien Waiell  •  Telesdon  •  Demaaga  •  Dorako  •  Gigass  •  Black King
Non-Kaiju girls Skydon  •  Gavadon A  •  Guts Bird (Alien Guts)  •  Butterfly Morpho  •  Crazygon  •  Sheltar  •  Seabozu  •  Gudon Dog (Gudon)


Volume 1

  1. The Forbidden Words ☆
  2. The Secret of the Lake ☆
  3. Target the Town! ☆
  4. Mefilas's Assassination Plan
  5. Five Seconds Before the Great Explosion of the Kaiju Graveyard School
  6. A Genuine Devil
  7. My Home is Earth ♡
  8. Kaiju Graveyard Research Group
  9. The Ultra Brothers Research Club
  10. The Targeted Tea Room
  11. Love and Hate
  12. Showdown! Kaiju Graveyard [Part 1]
  13. Showdown! Kaiju Graveyard [Part 2]
  14. Class Trip
  15. The Night Before the School Trip
  16. Ultra Kaiju, Carry-on Emotion

Volume 2

  1. Ultra Kaiju Operation #1
  2. Who Are You? ☆
  3. Oneesama's Blue Pincers
  4. Respond, At the Water's Edge
  5. Burn!☆Choju Hell
  6. Darkness - Scout
  7. Jamilar's Big Splash ☆
  8. Beautiful Words ♡
  9. Ultra Zone Avenue
  10. The Girl Who Keeps a Kaiju ☆
  11. Twilight in Enoshima
  12. This Planet Is My Home and I Will Protect It. (Part 1)
  13. This Planet Is My Home and I Will Protect It. (Part 2)
  14. A Little Ant in a Tiny Garden
  15. The Zetton
  16. Gathering! Darkness Black!
  17. The Suspicious Neighbor

Volume 3

  1. That's Just Hypo(Icarus)y
  2. Darkness Black Flyer Distribution
  3. The First ☆ Handshake Event
  4. He Himself from Another Planet
  5. Head Kaiju
  6. Land of Lights
  7. The Castle Girl and the Tails of Bonds
  8. Idol Festival
  9. The Room of Resolution
  10. Crash Course ☆ Choju Hell
  11. All of Us
  12. Eleking Barks at the Fountain
  13. Above Ikebukuro
  14. Kaiju, Time to Go Home ☆
  15. Who Goes There ☆
  16. Shoot the...Invaders?!

Volume 4

  1. Uncovered Past
  2. Start the Kaiju Duels
  3. Mefilas vs. Saramandra
  4. The Second Round of Fate
  5. Astronaut
  6. The Silver Fugitive
  7. Dialogue with Baltan
  8. Welcome to Space! (Part 1)
  9. Welcome to Space! (Part 2)
  10. The Never-Ending Investigation of Alien Baltan
  11. Jamilar Returns to Earth (Part 1)
  12. Jamilar Returns to Earth (Part 2)
  13. Challenge from the Year 2020
  14. Chase After the Missing Student
  15. The Winding Road of Light
  16. The Two of Us

Volume 5

To be added

Store benefits

Various exclusive illustration cards came with packed with the manga in various bookstores. While typically one would have to head into these bookstores to get these, certain stores offered online shopping that would ship out manga with these cards. Melonbooks' store bonus were dust covers for the manga, instead of cards.


  • There are some differences in this version of Kaiju Girls compared to the more well known ASCII Media Works version.
    • The POP's Kaiju Girls are in fact the actual Ultra kaijus in the bodies of high school girls with their memories intact.
    • The majority setting of the manga, namely the academy in which the Kaiju Girls attend, the Kaiju Graveyard High School, is not located on Earth but instead in the Kaiju Graveyard.
  • Alien Metron being an idol fan could be a reference to Ultraman Ginga's Alien Metron Jace.
  • Volume 1 and 7's covers were designed to compliment each other.[1]